InvenSense 3-Axis Gyro’s and Kionix Accelerometer

While the InvenSense ITG-3200 and the IMU-3000 were designed to function with almost any third-party 3-axis digital accelerometer, InvenSense has tested and approved only a few accelerometer vendors. One of the approved accelerometers is the Kionix KXTF9 Series.

The KXTF9’s Directional Tap/Double-TapTM detection feature recognizes single-tap and double-tap input and reports the acceleration axis and direction from which each tap originated, enabling up to 12, user-defined, function commands. Its active/inactive algorithm reports changes in a device’s motion state, either moving (active) or not moving (inactive), and the orientation detection feature reports changes in landscape, portrait, face-up, and facedown conditions. The output of the device is a I2C output which slaves directly to the ITG-3200 or the IMU-3000 master and can be clocked from the internal phase locked loop of the ITG-3200 and the IMU-3000 device, providing highly accurate timing for a true 6-axis motion processing solution previously only available in costly and bulky inertial measurement units.

 The KXTF-9 series now available from CDI, and can be purchased from low (single piece quantities for testing) to high volume (production) quantities. The exact part number that works with the IMU-3000 is the KXTF9-1026.

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